Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zibiri and Pamplona

We are in Pamplona right now after walking along paths that go along fields rivers and through woods and villages. Very charming. The paths are not crowded with pilgrims although we do seem to pass the   same people regularly. Spring flowers are in bloom. Weather is perfect. Paths are dry. We get up at 7, have breakfast at 7:30 and are walking by 8. Usually done by around 3. The last stretch seems to take long and we start hurting somewhere! 
We are offered so much crusty white bread and this is becoming a problem. Read between the lines! We have been eating pilgrim menus for dinner. Around 10 Euros for a three course meal plus wine. Sometimes good and sometimes not! :)
Still having trouble with pics. But will keep trying. Check out Bert and Diane's blog. He posts pics. Google Elcaminosloffies (don't need the capital e)
Rest day today and hope to explore Pamplona.

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