Friday, May 30, 2014


We were walking by 7:30 AM and got to our accomodation in Astorga at 4 PM. This includes a few breaks but it was still a brutal day at 31.2 K. I can comfortably walk for 20 K and after that it becomes a chore. The feet and other body parts start to hurt. I begin to lean on my walking poles as if they are crutches. We killed off 10 K in a hurry first thing this morning. We were in scenery that reminded us of Ladner, very flat with irrigation ditches and snow covered mountains ahead of us. These mountains got closer as the day progressed and tomorrow we start climbing them. We'll see how that goes!
Around noon we entered the lovely town of Hospital de Orbigo which has the longest Roman bridge in Spain. The Camino goes right over it. We stopped in a garden cafe for an omelet which turned out to be a potato/ egg quiche. A bit bland. We are craving some decent food and are going to splurge tonight. 
After our lunch we entered a lovely, natural trail through meadows and forests. Very nice except for stretches of cobble stones. On the Camino there is a kind of dance pilgrims do. They meander from side to side, always looking for the path with the least stones. We climbed into the foothills and at a crest there was a kind of cantina run by a young couple. They were offering fruit and drinks for free or donation. We had some watermelon but felt suspicious of this gesture. We found it hard to accept something for free although the couple seemed genuine in wanting to serve the passing pilgrims.
Soon after, we saw Astorga in the distance, below us. It still was at least 6 K away so we trudged on. Like some cruel joke we had to cross a railroad via an accordian-type bridge. We managed! Up one more hill, past the city wall and there was our hotel for the night. This hotel is known for its good food so we are waiting until 8:30 (usual dinner time here) to try to get a decent meal. Yesterday we ate white bread and Nutella for dinner. Hence the splurge tonight.

The Roman bridge in Hospital de Orbigo
The camino goes over this bridge. Set up for a jousting contest soon.
Bert doing the Camino Dance.
This woman is pulling her belongings with a home made buggy!
The cantine with free food for pilgrims. Structure behind the tree is where the couple lives.
Accordian bridge over one railroad track as we entered Astoria. 


  1. Enjoy your dinner! Sure looks like you have earned it!! Have a great walk tomorrow.