Wednesday, May 21, 2014


OK! Today was a test day! We encountered some weather. We started out with 2 hours of rain. A good chance to try out our rain gear. Diane and I were fine but Bert and Jeff were not happy with their rain pants. We stopped in a small village for some cafe con leche and a giant cookie. Then out again in our wet stuff. Soon, we encountered a massive hill and then were toasty warm again. In the afternoon, however, we had to negotiate the infamous Camino mud. It is like glue and sticks to your shoes in big, heavy clumps. Then the wind kicked in and we were struggling with that all afternoon. How wonderful to arrive at our destination and have a cosy, clean room and shower. 
The scenery continues to amaze us. We encountered poppies again although their red heads were drooping in the rain. 
Jeff and I walking in the rain today.

A long road under a threatening sky.

1 comment:

  1. first day of rain...not bad
    glad you were prepared and stayed dry
    isn't it funny in these kinds of situation how the small things like a hot cup and coffee and a yummy cookie can mean so much???!!!! So much goodness that we live in and take for granted....

    thanks for sharing this amazing journey Chris...can't wait till Care and I do it with the husbands!

    love and light