Friday, May 23, 2014

Calzadilla de la Cueza

Today we had to walk just 17.1 K so we left a little later and treated the day like a rest day. Big mistake! This is the only stretch on the whole Camino that has no villages to stop at. So it was a slog through a featureless landscape that just went on and on. On top of this, we had to deal with a serious headwind almost the whole way. However, the sky was blue again and for the first time we noticed wild lavender growing along side the path. 
Finally we arrived at the tiny village of Calzadilla where we were warmly welcomed with beer and delicious pizza. We chatted with three ladies from Oregon/California about our morning. There is a huge, immediate bond between everyone, young and old, because of common experiences. Everyone struggled with that wind this morning and everyone thought the trail was too long and boring. And we keep bumping into the same people.  
On the straight and narrow this morning. This is a Roman road as well but it got covered up with gravel.
Dealing with hot spots on my feet!
A break! Bert is either helping Diane back onto her feet (we stiffen up) or he is handing her some of that wild lavender.
Finally approaching Calzadilla. Notice all those little pebbles. You sure feel each one after a while!
Our pilgrims dinner last night. Nice to reconnect with Joyce and Arlene.

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  1. That meal looks wonderful. Must taste great also after an all day hike! Jeff looks great with his crown on!!