Sunday, May 18, 2014


"My feet didn't stop hurting, but I tasted the morning's fresh air and the huge priviledge of another day of walking." by Maria and Donald Schell in Ultreia! Forward!

We had a long day (25.6 K) ahead of us so we began walking at 7 AM when the sun was just rising. It was so chilly that we all wore gloves to keep our fingers warm when using our poles. 
The morning was lovely with the Camino meandering through woods, along quiet country roads and through several villages. In fact, we stopped twice for cafe con leche. It is fun to bump into and chat with the same people over several days. 
By midmorning we climbed a very stony mountain and bumped into Arlene and Joyce. We had not seen them for a while. The view from the top was the city of Burgos, our destination.
What a slog to get there. First a long haul around the airport and then a seemingly endless trek through an industrial area to get to the heart of the city. But, finally, there was the glorious cathedral and just steps from there our hotel. We have a rest day tomorrow and plan to explore the interior of the cathedral. 
Wild flowers on our climb this morning.
A very rocky stretch of Camino. Makes you wonder if it is the right route. However, the yellow arrow says, Yes!
One of many crosses along the Camino.
Diane and I in front of the cathedral.

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  1. Hello, I just read that it is a hard, long slog to get to Burgos. My source even recommended taking a taxi for the last 8 KM. Go for you. Wow, you guys are an inspiration. LW