Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leon Rest Day One

"One...was not only walking across space, but across time as well. " by Kerry Egan from Ultreia! Onward!

We have been reunited with Bert and Diane and are enjoying this beautiful hotel. The Spanish government has taken on the task of converting historical buildings into smart hotels. This chain is called Parador. The one we are in now was once a pilgrim's hostal. Today it is part hotel and part museum. We had fun wandering around the cloisters and statues. One plaque read that in the 1930's this property was used as an especially horrible concentration camp. Today it is a peacful retreat for tourists and pilgrims. 
Leon Parador hotel
Statue of a weary pilgrim taking a break in front of the hostal.
One of the cloisters of the Parador.
Admiring the cloisters from the interior garden.
Yes, we had lunch at a McDonalds. A nice change from all that white bread!


  1. Hello dear Pilgrims - we're glad you're enjoying a rest day together and that the weather seems to be co-operating to make it even better! Thanks for the posts and pics which we eagerly await each day :) Chris, are your feet feeling better after your "time out?" Hope so! Love to both of you from both of us!

  2. what a beautiful city....

    love and light