Monday, May 19, 2014

Rest Day in Burgos

Today we had a leisurely breakfast at 8:30 AM at our hotel. No rushing to get away early. The first thing we did was tour the cathedral. It is gothic with a relatively small nave but many different chapels along the sides. It is always a relief to me to get outside into the fresh air again after being inside one of these collosal buildings. 
Then we shopped a bit for things like Compeed and toothpaste. And there is always time for cafe con leche. While we roamed the old center we enjoyed lots of street sculptures. Our lunch was a fresh bun with ham and cheese and, finally, a glass of really good Spanish white wine. White wine is included with cheap perigrino meals but is generally almost undrinkable (my opinion).
Finally an English  newspaper......not!
Two new friends.
Two pilgrims!
The great white wine I enjoyed at lunch.
A stork's nest near by! The birds make a clacking sound.


  1. Nice tans, Chris and Jeff! I checked your itinerary and it looks like the next three days you are scheduled to cover a lot of distance! Enjoy!

  2. I love reading about your adventures. Taking an extra day now then sounds like a great idea. Traveling mercies. LW

  3. new friends
    good wine
    things wound perfect!!!!

    love and light