Sunday, May 11, 2014

Los Arcos

"Walking doesn't so much allow me to live in the moment as force me to." (Laurie Dennett in Ultreia! Onward!)

Today we walked 21 K to Los Arcos under overcast skies and much cooler weather. In the morning we had the option of a much quieter route. We took this and it led us through a lovely forest and over another mountain. In the afternoon we meandered past massive fields of barley and wheat.
We are turning into walking machines. Click, click with our poles. We average about 7 hours of walking a day, including breaks. The feet are taking a beating but everything else seems to be hanging in there. Tomorrow we "only" have 18.6 K to go. A break, of sorts.
Jeff's camera is giving up. We tried an i-pad (awkward when walking) and now he is using his i-phone. 
The wine fountain. Free wine for the pilgrims! My friend, Arlene, going for it!
Starting fresh at 7:30 AM this morning from Estella. My sister, Diane, with me! What a treat!
Sometimes the path is very narrow! 

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  1. love this last picture of you Chris...and I notice you did not try the free wine???!!!! lol
    this truly look amazing...all of it!

    love and light