Monday, May 12, 2014


Just 18 K today through olive groves, vineyards and even an almond orchard. The latter had fuzzy green pods on the trees. At first I thought it was a plum tree. The walking is becoming a bit of a mental game in that we psych ourselves up for the day's distance. When we approach our destination the aches start showing up and we hobble towards the inn. Then, boots off and cold water on the overheated feet. Aaah! Then we go for a cold beer before showering and washing our clothes, usually at the same time. 
Today was lovely again but with a few very steep ups and downs. It's hilly around here. There are splashes of red poppies everwhere. And we had a lovely picnic lunch in a quiet spot by a vineyard. 
In the morning there was a lot of sheep droppings on the path and before long we caught up with the herd and shepherd.

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