Thursday, May 29, 2014

Viladangos del Paramo

This morning we departed from The Leon Parador and made our way through an industrial area before hitting the scenic route that led us to Vilar de Mazarife. It was prearranged that a taxi would pick us up and take us to a town where there is a hotel. Where we are staying has the look and feel of a truckstop. It is a comedown from the elegance of the Parador. We are adapting fast. 
The walking went well today. No wind, just a bit of drizzle and good surfaces to walk on. We met some pilgrims we had not seen for days!
We are now 295.3 K from Santiago. Hard to believe!
In Villar de Mazarife this afternoon, with a fellow pilgrim.
Yesterday's pilgrim dinner. We are craving vegetables. Frozen peas, anything!
Making our way out of Leon today. Impossible to get lost with all those yellow arrows.
An underground wine storage place looking an aweful lot like Bilbo's home!
Discarded shoes at a camino marker!
Treated, again, to a flower show.
And, in Villa de Mazarife, more storks. They are migratory so we are lucky to see them everywhere.
Walking out of Leon this morning.
Some of the beauty we passed today. 


  1. And a good morning to you from our breakfast table in Surrey! Glad to see your smiling faces looking back at me (Janette) and wishing you a good night's rest at your truck-stop :) and a good walking day tomorrow! Love and prayers to our dear Pilgrims!

  2. lol I so know that feeling of veggies and fruit please!!!! It has been the samw when we go to Colombia. I am not sure if it is that , this is how they think we eat or that they truly eat this way all the time too...that dinner you had would be a breakfast in Colombia only add another egg and instead of fries there would be a cheese filled poor little body would get a little "backed up"!!!!!! that I have been there a number of times they have adjusted to smaller portions and more fruit...though I have to say at dinner the Colombians have the most delicious salads...lots of fresh lime, yum I making you hungry for limes??? On another note Carolyn and I have been chatting about your trip together and enjoying watching it unfold here...tomorrow we are meeting to take a long walk through Tynhead and then out for lunch : )

    Love and Light Pilgrims