Wednesday, May 14, 2014


"We are pilgrims, anxious to make sense of the mystery of why we put ourselves on this road." by Jack Hitt in Ultreia! Onward!

Today was a shorter day that led us past vineyards to the large town of Najera. We exclaimed at all the different types of pilgrims that we meet. A father with his four young children, a grandma with daughter and granddaughter, a mother and grown son, lots of bikers, and a couple with two mules. If you think this is for athletes, think again. There are all types and all ages walking the Camino.
Just before entering Najera there is a famous graffitti poem called, "Pilgrim, Who Calls You?" Is it the wine, the cathedrals, the castles, the people, the landscape? In the end it is a mystery why people make this journey. 
We are doing well and the weather remains stellar. 
Waiting for our simple pilgrim's meal in Viana.

Gold leaf decore in cathedral in Viana. Every town we pass has a cathedral like this.

Pilgrim's poem just before entering Najera. Pilgrim, Who Calls You?
Pilgrim with a mule. In Najera. Apparently they refused to cross a narrow bridge earlier in the day.


  1. Great pictures. Nice to hear a little about your fellow pilgrims! You are having amazing weather so far! Enjoy another great day tomorrow!! Full sun and 25 C here, not too shabby for this time of year!!

    1. So nice to hear from you, Joe. We appreciate that. The experience is all beyond amazing. So crazy to walk so much each day. Feet are holding up. Everyone has issues. I have developed tennis elbow from using the poles! Just my right elbow. Leaning on it too much,

  2. Wow, looks like a wonderful experience you are having on your Camino Walk. We think of you often and enjoy your blog entries. Beautiful scenery and interesting places you go through. Nice to see a group picture. We wish all of you well. Can only imagine how challenging it must be to walk so much every day. We wish you healing and stamina and lots of enjoyment in the ups and downs of your travels. Buen Camino. Love and prayers