Thursday, May 15, 2014

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

"It was more as if the landscape very slowly passed us by than we it." by Conrad Rudolph from Ultreia! Onward!

Another beautiful day on peaceful backroads, passing huge, rolling fields of barley, wheat, grapevines, etc. We viewed our destination from afar, little realizing that the distance was much farther than we thought. The last part of the day is always a push. Feet hurt and we get tired. 
In Santo Domingo de la Calzada there is an ancient story about a chicken coming alive on someone's dinner plate. An innocent boy was condemned to death but his life was saved at the last minute. To this day,  a few chickens are housed in the cathedral here to commemorate this story. 
I have my own Camino miracle. My pinched toe nerve has been solved by new orthotics I obtained at the last minute at home. They are working and I do not have to massage my toe every hour to relieve pain. 
Still smiling even though I am dealing with some blisters here.
Arlene and Joyce taking a break.
In the canola field.
Jeff admiring the barley field.
Bert, Diane and I happy to be approaching Santo Domingo de la Calzada after five hours of walking.
Taking a break with Bert and Diane on a concrete lounge chair.


  1. Hello dear Pilgrims! Lovely pictures again today - so happy for all of you as you enjoy great weather, and good health. Wonderful Chris, that the orthotics are working!!!
    We think of and pray for you all every day :) Say hello to Arlene and Joyce from us! It is amazing, what you are doing - you will be changed by this experience, is my guess :)
    Love to you from us here. Janette

  2. Hello Chris and Jeff. I am reading your blog almost daily and thinking of you often. Chris, so glad that the orthotics are working...that's fantastic. I am sure the daily grind takes it toll by the end of the day. Press on. "Holding you in the light".....LuAnn