Thursday, May 22, 2014

Carrying on to Carrion de los Condes

"I loved the feeling of a portable, waterproof house over me. I was a pilgrim, going slow, but getting there, a travelling turtle". by Shirley MacLaine in Ultreia! Forward!

Today we were on the road by 6:45 AM because we had another long day. The weather was the same as yesterday with a cold wind and rain. We all bundled up and our gear worked for us. But it was a slog, walking into that wind for hours. On one particularly long stretch I suddenly remembered that we were walking on the longest stretch of original Roman road left in Spain. That perked us all up for a while. Twice we stopped for cafe con leche just to get out of the wind and warm up. We are becoming grateful for small things. In one place someone made us a chicken soup which hit the spot.
When we arrived in Carrion, there were Joyce and Arlene. Had not seen them for a few days. We all caught up with each other and might try to go together for a pilgrim's meal later. 
Today we were introduced to the "senda" which is a pilgrim's path right next to a highway. This path went on for hours and became quite tedious. I suppose we should be glad not to have to walk right on the shoulder of the highway. Hopefully, we won't have too much of this in the coming weeks.
Old Roman road with the cobble stones. Most pilgrims walk on the edges to protect their feet!
Jeff and I having fun with yet another pilgrim's statue.
The fields of poppies that continue to delight us.
The magical entry into Hontanas on Monday. It was hidden in a small valley. We went to an English pilgrim's mass in that church. Note the yellow arrow on the rock. The arrows have guided us for almost 400 K already!


  1. Thanks Chris! Pretty challenging day for sure. Have a great day tomorrow. Our early sunny summer weather is still hanging in there, but is predicted to change to rain soon.

  2. Bravo you guys! You're amazing pilgrims taking in stride the challenges along the way. At least that's what the smiles seem to indicate : ) What an adventure. It's so intriguing to see you going from village to village or town, and the beauty, history and interesting sites you're experiencing. Great to hear about your day-thanks for taking the time to share. We wish you continued stamina and enjoyment. Grace n Ray

  3. beautiful imagery....

    love and light