Wednesday, May 21, 2014


"I can almost hear the muffled tread of feet along the road", by Laurie Dennett in Ultreia! Onward!

Today we walked 31.8 K from Burgos to Hontanas where we are right now. This took 7 1/2 hours, with breaks. But what glorious scenery. We have entered the Meseta which is basically a high plateau, around 1,000 M high. However, it is not flat but consists of rolling hills. Even though there is a very lonely feel the ground is cultivated with wheat and barley. The sky was full of fluffy clouds and the grass rippled in the wind. 
The last 10 K seemed so long and we could not see a village ahead of us. At last, we crested a hill and there was the little town of Hontanas, nestled in a deep valley. Quite magical to come upon it like that. We went to our cosy rooms (attic with big sky light) and let cold water run over our hot feet before going for a thirst quenching beer in the town square filled with pilgrims, all with their shoes off!
A big highlight today was attending a mass at 5:30 PM in the 16th century village church. This was led by a Franciscan priest from California. He is walking the Camino as well and we have met him several times already. The service was in English and so ecumenical. Diane and I almost blubbered our way through the whole thing. Arlene and Joyce experienced this a few days back in another village.
Tomorrow is not quite so long and we might get some rain. That would be a first. 

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  1. and thus the spiritual journey begins.....

    love and light