Saturday, May 3, 2014

St. Jean Pied de Port

Arrived in the lovely town of St. Jean Pied de Port. Arlene and Joyce met us in Biarritz this morning and travelled with us to where we are now. Around 4:30 PM Bert and Diane finally showed up after a long arduous journey due to flight delays in Vancouver. But we are now all here, safe and sound.
We already have our pilgrim passports plus a shelll for our back packs. 
The sky is completely blue right now and we have the go ahead to climb the pass on Monday. Snow is gone and it won't be foggy. 
We are in a small, spartan hotel and I am sipping a rather weak but local white wine. However, the people are very hospitable. 
Tomorrow we will do some more exploring and take some pics to post. Having a fabulous time!!


  1. Glad you are all there now! Enjoy!!

  2. Exciting! Are you all walking together?

  3. lol...weak but local wine...that made me laugh
    see even on the other side of the world we can still laugh together!!!!

    love and light