Monday, May 26, 2014


This morning, while the rest of the group began their walking day, I took a taxi to Leon in order to get an extra rest day. The ride took 50 minutes and covered two days worth of walking. It felt very strange to be whizzing by like that. Within the hour of leaving I was already in my hotel room. I needed to give my feet a break so I had lunch here in the hotel. I was treated like a queen and ordered a fancy salad and some soup which contained a whole poached egg. Later in the afternoon, after a bath and a nap, the phone rings and it is Jeff, downstairs! He has walked today's 24.5 K plus tomorrow's 18.6 K to be here with me. He assured me that I did not miss a thing and that the path was very stony. Needless to say, I am very pleased that he is here. It is now Monday and we don't walk again until Thursday. So, a nice break. The sun is shining, too!
This is the couple who looked after us so well yesterday. The true spirit of the camino! This place was spotless, too. The pilgrim's meal was one of the best. I had pork cheeks!
Diane and I tasting our host's homemade coffee liquer. 
Jeff taking a photo of what I missed today. Not much!
The Leon cathedral we plan to explore tomorrow. Apparently famous for its stained glass windows.


  1. Well done, Jeff! You are amazing!

  2. Wow, he still wants to be with you that much! Enjoy your rest. LW

  3. Sleep. Eat. See something interesting. Repeat.

  4. glad to see you taking care of yourself Chris...break when you need to break and enjoy this experience for all that it is!

    love and light