Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The enormity of what we are undertaking is starting to take hold. Our bodies are saying we have had fun but now it is time to go home. We have to learn to take it one day at a time. It is mainly the feet. The trail is not challenging at all except for hills. A good night's sleep does wonders even for battered feet!
Today we spent a large bit of time winding our way through the city of Logrono. The signage was so good that you could not get lost unless you were dreaming. Lots of yellow arrows everywhere. And if you take a wrong turn locals will kindly redirect you. So fun to hear local people say Buen Camino as we pass by. 
So far it seems more a physical challenge rather than a spiritual experience. We did attend a mass on Sunday night in Los Arcos but it was all in Spanish. We did, however, make out words like Christo, porto and eglesia. At the time we did not realize why people were rushing to the front after the mass. Then we learned that they were getting a pilgrim's blessing.
Resting up before the climb into Navarette.
A typical lunch. Bridge into Ligrono. Wild irises. Approach into Navarette at the end of our walking day.


  1. Hi Chris and Jeff,

    We follow your blog eagerly! Hope the feet and joints will soon adjust to the new demands on them. Reminds me of how I felt the first week or so doing physical labor in the summer between academic years when I was an undergraduate.

  2. I love this....I do think the spiritual side is going to begin to take shape as you are further challenge you body...hahahaha

    love and light