Saturday, May 24, 2014


lToday we walked 22.7 miles to the large town of Sahagun. On the way, we had cafe con leche at the small village of Terradillos de los Templarios. This town is the half way point between St. Jean Pied de Port and Santiago. It is hard to imagine that we have already walked 400 K. It is equally difficult to think that we have another 400 K to go. However, it is going well except for some blisters that make my feet feel like minced meat at the end of the day. I am hoping my feet will toughen up really soon. The town is also famous as a former stronghold of the Knights of Templar. 
After two days of wind and rain we had a glorious day of sunshine. The route was also better with more variety and villages to stop in. In one place someone made us a crusty sandwich filled with fried egg, cheese and ham. That went down extremely well. 
Right now we are in a bit of a dump with a very small room and the tiniest of bathrooms. But I suppose we should be thankful for a private room and hot water. And we are!
Soon, we will meet Arlene and Joyce for another pilgrims' dinner at a place recommended by an Englishman from Yorkshire we met this afternoon. He is going home because his legs gave out. 
This is a very long walk and sometimes really hard. However, soon we will be in Leon for a rest day. We are all looking forward to that!

Today's walk. No wind, rain or mud. Lovely!
A typical "senda" where the camino goes beside a road. This one was pleasant with flowers and fields.

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  1. Half way and going strong! Nice that the weather has improved. I checked the forecast for Leon and it looks pretty good! Enjoy your evening, and have a great walk tomorrow.