Sunday, May 25, 2014

Caldzilla de los Hermonillas

We have arrived in the most charming of inns. A lovely couple run it and they bend over backwads for us. Right now we are sitting in a living room and a fire is going to make it extra cosy. For lunch they served up a beef soup that they assured us would wake the dead. Believe me, I needed that kind of soup today.
I have hit the wall. My feet hurt with each step and my body seems stuck. Last night I could not eat dinner because of exhaustion. And I love my food!
I have decided to take a few rest days in Leon. My incredible husband made all the arrangements and I will go to Leon after breakfast tomorrow. He will meet me there the following day. As will Bert and Diane.
Today was supposed to be a short day but we had to backtrack to get on the right route. We made our way through lovely woodlands and fields and were rewarded with poppies, lavender and other wild flowers. 
Last night in Sahagun we had the misfortune of staying in a rundown place. In addition, there was a wedding party below and we heard booming music until 2 PM. We also were very cold and I wore thick clothes and socks in bed. This morning we all had a laugh about our shared woes. And then Bert spotted a cockroach. Needless to say, we feel well taken care of in this neat, cosy place with these nice people.
This morning's poppy field. We managed to avoid rain and it turned out to be a pleasant day.
And the road went on and on.......
Some of the lavender we encountered.


  1. Hang in there Chris! A few days of rest and you will be raring to go again. If it were easy it wouldn't be a pilgrimage!

  2. Nothing good comes easy. Rest up and carry on as best you can. My goodness, you are half way. Amazing! I read your blog everyday.Holding you in the light.

  3. Glad to hear you can get some needed rest in Leon, Chris. May you enjoy a time of recuperation and get new energy to resume this challenging, but interesting and alluring trek. Cheers

  4. Hi Chris! It's late at night here, but just want to wish you a restoring time of rest, and to say "good for you" for listening to your body's own language! Sending strengthening thoughts your way, and lots of love :).