Monday, June 2, 2014

Villafranca Del Bierzo

After 23.4 K we have reached the lovely town of Villafranca. It is a wine town nestled against mountains we have to cross the day after tomorrow. For now, we are here and also tomorrow for a rest day. We are all pooped from the last few days. 
Today was very different from yesterday in that today we walked through a lot of towns and even along a highway. We are staying in a very nice small hotel that used to be the toll house for crossing the river.
When we entered the town we met up with Arlene and Joyce who had just arrived themselves. We plan to meet up for dinner later at the main square in town and probably compare notes on the last few days.
According to Brierly, the author of the guide book on the camino, we have 185.3 K to go to reach Santiago. Four weeks ago today we were crossing the Pyrenees. Hard to believe. 
Delicious soup we had yesterday for lunch. They brought a big bowl for us to help ourselves from.
One of the stony paths we negotiated to get down the mountain.
Today, in wine country again, approaching Villafranca.
One of many signs guiding the pilgrims on their way!
A photo of the photographer. 

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