Wednesday, June 11, 2014


"Now, when it is almost on the horizon, I realized that, while I rejoiced in the achievement, I rejoiced even more in the achieving", Laurie Dennett in Ultreia! Forward!

Today was only a 14.3 K walk, to Arzua. It is finally full on summer, really glorious weather but not too hot yet. We sauntered more than walked and really took our time at our mid morning coffee break as well as lunch. There were lots of other perigrinos on the trail but we are getting used to this. We strike up a conversation with some of them.
When we enter a fragrant eucalyptus stand it feels like one is walking into a high end spa. Now there's an idea! First, a long thermal soak and then an hour long foot massage. This to be followed by lying on a bed for a few hours in a dark room listening to softly played New Age music. Dream on! We have about 40 more K to go, divided into two days. We are all really doing well now. Blisters have healed and are nicely callused and our bodies seem well adjusted now to walking 6 to 8 hours a day and tackling the constant hills. 
About 8:30 this morning we reached the 50 K mark. We are getting very close!!
I am learning how to ford streams but am hesitating because the next rock is much narrower!
The eucalyptus showing up everywhere now.
Jeff's shoes are almost done! The sole is coming off!
Having our drinks in a square in Arzua after the day's walking is over. We plan to have dinner there because the weather is beautiful tonight. And we can eat here at 6 PM.
These trees are everywhere in towns. I think they are plane trees but could be wrong. They serve as a canopy for shade.

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