Sunday, June 8, 2014


We were glad to leave Sarria because of the cramped room we were in. The day was cool and sunny and we meandered through meadows, dark forests filled with ancient oak trees, quaint stone villages and up and down many steep hills. We also crossed a very long bridge over a dammed river and had to walk an extra kilometer up another hill away from the camino to get to our accommodation. But it was worth it! We are in charming cabins and the dining room overlooks the water. 
One of the highlights today was watching a dog herd a bunch of cattle to a barn. It seemed like they were coming right at us and they sported impressive horns. 
Because we are now within 100 K of Santiago many more pilgrims are joining us on The Way. This is a bit of an irritant because they tend to talk loudly or take up the whole path. They also look clean and well groomed, unlike us. No tanned legs, either! Also bugging us today are the number of cyclists scooting by at great speed seemingly from nowhere. We have to practice patience and grace.
It was a long, hard slog today even though it was only about 24 K and our feet hurt. 
We celebrated the 100 K concrete marker by enjoying some sangria. Our first on this trip. We are now about 90 K away from Santiago. Five more days of walking. 
We have reached the 100 K marker, a significant milestone.
Circumventing a creek.
Cala lilies at our lunch spot.
Looking an aweful lot like England, with the stone fences.
Impressive horns, as I said!
Entering a very quaint stone village today.
Crossing the river in Portomarin at the end of our walking day.
Our delightful lunch of lentil soup and bread today. It was a lovely spot!


  1. Only 5 more goes to go - what an adventure you have had. Your next adventure will not be as strenuous...probably a lot more fun but that is not to say you did not have fun on this one. Strength for the last days - you can do it.