Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"We tracked upward and then downwards, speaking little. Yhere was no need to talk. It was a time of contentment, a time of reflection", Nicholas Luard in Ultreia! Forward!

Today was a short day of only 17 K but, of course, we had to climb over a mountain. Immediately upon leaving Villafranca we were on a very steep path that took us to the very top of the mountain. Slow and steady is the only way to do this. Once on top we had incredible views and relatively level paths that cut into the mountain side. Really a great hike! But eventually down we had to go again. But the descent was shorter and the footing much better than three days ago. After a coffee stop with old friends and new we arrived in Ambamestas to a very new and cosy inn. We are happy! Jeff ordered an amazing bottle of red wine and we celebrated the day. Now we have to wait until 8 PM for dinner!
Above Villafranca this morning.
A fabulous rainbow. We were spared the rain!
On a path cut into the side of a mountain.
Feeling on top of the world!
Arlene and I.
Our coffee break with old friends and new. The guy in red is Sietze from Friesland. The guy on the far left hails from Ottawa.

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  1. Chris, you're looking great! Enjoy your dinner and tomorrow's climb!