Thursday, June 12, 2014


We are getting pretty excited as this was our second last day of walking. Only 20 K to go. We had thought of getting an early start tomorrow to attend the pilgrim's mass in Santiago at noon. However, we just learned that the botafumeiro will swing at the 7:30 PM mass. So we will just take our time. It was very warm walking today. Tomorrow it is expected to be 36 degrees in Santiago. A good thing we will be done. We walked through many cool forests today, which helped a lot.
Something wonderful happened at our lunch spot today. While we were munching on our cheese buns and sipping freshly squeezed orange juice, a group of male hikers sitting nearby broke into song. We all clapped and enjoyed that special moment. The Camino is taking on the look and feel of a walk-a-thon. But we are embracing it now. Really a neat experience to be part of this.
How did we ever dare to walk 800 K across a country, over mountains, across plains, through woods and cities and villages. Always there was such good signage, usually the familiar yellow arrow, whenever other options appeared. And if you showed any hesitation about where to go, a local would eagerly direct you. 
We are glad we are coming to the end, dealing with blisters, unpacking and packing again, walking and walking and feeling tired. But we will miss the routine of walking for 6 weeks and being outside so much and experiencing the beauty, culture and people along the Camino.
Yesterday's pilgrim's meal.
We had to cross a busy highway three times today. Cars and trucks fly! And look at all the pilgrims.
Lovely cool walk through the forest.

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