Friday, June 6, 2014


We woke up to wind a dark clouds but we were blessed today with no rain while we walked. The Camino followed the tops of mountains for most of the day. And we were buffeted by strong gusts. But, of course, eventually we had to come down. However, the descent was much easier than several days ago. Down below we could already see Triacastela, nestled in the hills. There once were three castles here but no trace of them is left! 
As soon as we had checked into our rooms there was a heavy downpour. We can't believe how lucky we are to have missed that. The rain was coming down sideways. Soon we will have a cosy peragrino dinner with Arlene and Joyce who are in town, as well. Hoping for some of that Galician soup!
The white broom/ gorse we see above the tree line.
Coming upon a small village with a typical bell tower.
The camino nearing a paved road where cows have just crossed!
Starting our descent at last.
Negotiating a very rocky trail today. Getting better at it!
Scenery we were looking at most of the day.
Diane and I are thinking this might be an orchid.


  1. LOVE those bell towers
    your looken good Chris!!
    glad you missed the rain storm...that would not have been so fun hahaha

    love and light

  2. Chris, you look great on that rocky path! I especially like that confident smile!