Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rest day in Villafranca

Today we took our time getting up and ate breakfast at 9 AM. Then we wandered through the town, looking for an ATM machine as well as a Farmacia for Compeed products (blister pads). There was a market in town so we enjoyed browsing through that. For lunch we ordered some of the delicious local red wine but decided not to eat there. We wanted pizza so after our wine we moved to the next establishment and had lovely pizza (at last). Then, back to our room for a nap. And so it goes on a rest day! We met up with Joyce and Arlene and helped them to eat the cherries they bought at the market.


  1. You're looking great, Jeff! Any fresh herring at that market?

  2. lovely!
    look how far you have walked!!!!
    so awesome

    love and light