Sunday, June 1, 2014


Today was the most beautiful and most difficult day of all. We woke up in Foncebadon, the abandoned village, to clear blue sky. At this altitude the broom and heather are mostly white. It's as if they take their cue from the snow that surely must lie there most of the year. We left the inn at 7:15 AM and were at the Cruz Fer in about 20 minutes. Here, millions of pilgrims have left a stone from home, representing sorrows and short comings. Jeff and I, also, had brought stones from home from the river in Tynehead Park and laid them at the foot of the cross. An emotional moment. 
We had 28 K to go, so off we went along lovely trails with incredible scenery of snow covered mountains and big hills and valleys covered with white, red and pink blooms. So far so good. But what is up must come down. And down we went for 1,000 meters along steep, stony trails. A nightmare for me. The poles helped a lot! The descent really slowed us down and we were on our feet for 9 hours today. This included a coffee break as well as a bowl of lentil soup by a Roman bridge. It felt like I went beyond my capabilities. But here I am in the lovely town of Ponferrada feeling good again after a lovely dinner of salad (hold the oil and vinegar) and broken egg (hold everything else like fries, etc.). Lemon icecream for dessert. And Rioja wine. 
Tomorrow we will have been at this for 4 weeks already. Our days will be shorter now although we still have one mountain to climb. We will see Arlene and Joyce tomorrow in Villafranca Del Bierzo. 
Laying my stone at the foot of the iron cruise, highest point on the Camino.
Stunning scenery on our mountain walk this morning.
A lot of the descent was on rocky paths.
Some sheep shearing in one of the villages we passed.
Early one morning last week. The risen sun on our backs and ever westward!


  1. good for you Chris!!!! you are amazing

    there are those times in life when we are called to move past what we see at our in those moments we see what we are made of and also the grace that is always there with us, walking every step of the way at our side

    keep up the amazing work

    love and light

  2. Four weeks of walking! Wow, what a marathon! Today's descent looks incredibly difficult. Congratulations with negotiating that. What a mixture of beauty and tough challenges on this journey. May you get the strength needed in the coming days and continue to enjoy yourselves.