Friday, June 6, 2014


"Each of us, wordlessly drawn to the scene, stopped one by one at a little distance from each other, to gawk. We stood in silence for some minutes, taking in the brilliant colours of the fields, earth, sky....", Sophronia Camp from Ultreia! Forward!

Today is right up there in being one of the most beautiful of the whole Camino. We were a bit apprehensive at the start because of a 700 meter climb. But it turned out to be very doable. The route took us first along a road through a narrow, wooded valley. Then it veered off and became a stony and sometimes muddy path. Up, up and up it went for several kilometers through mostly wooded terrain. We were on the trail with several other pilgrims, including a school class from Poland. 
After some time we reached the tree line and the views opened up all around us. We seemed to be in a wilderness at the top of mountains. Yet, somehow, we were heading for a village and our destination for the day. And, did I say how beautiful the weather was today!
At last we reached the fairytale village of O'Cebreiro, nestled on top of a mountain. It has Celtic roots as evidenced by its round buildings with thatched roofs. It boasts a 9th century church associated with the Camino. This village is the gateway to Galicia and from now on our weather will be influenced by the Atlantic. 
We have been blown away by the beauty of the town as well as the surroundings. The rustic hotel we are in is made of stone and wooden beams and there are wooden camino shells stuck on the headboards of the beds.
For dinner we will have to decide if we dare to try pulpo, a regional specialty of octupus. 
..........Well, we had dinner and it deatured the famous Galacian soup, which is kind of a thick, creamed vegetable soup. We paired it with a delicious local white wine. The food seems to be getting better as we are now in the province of Galicia.
Today's scenery.
Ancient Celtic dwelling.
The delicious white wine.
Camino shells on our beds.

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  1. Amazing Chris and Jeff, Congratulations to you all (Joyce and Arlene as well) on what looks like a truly inspirational journey.

    David and Collette