Tuesday, June 10, 2014


.Today was a great walking day with sunshine and lots of wooded trails. It was a much better day for me. I had lots of energy and nothing was hurting. In addition, we avoided all those other pilgrims because we stopped ysterday for the night at a very small place whereas the majority of walkers went on to the next place. So they got a head start on us this morning while we enjoyed peace and quiet. 
I have described lots of what we see along the way. What also needs to be told is some of the sounds and smells we experience. We have been serenaded by lots of different birds, including cuckoos, as well as frogs and crickets. Also, lots of wind swooshing in the trees. Not such pleasant sounds have been traffic rushing by as well as a few pilgrims loudly yakking or even playing music. As far as smells go, the good stuff has been fresh air, wild roses, pine forests and today the pungent and aromatic eucalyptus that has begun appearing. Not as attractive are the barn yard smells, an acrid fertilizer factory we passed and perhaps ourselves after a warm day on the camino.
We do sometimes step briefly into old churches we pass. Diane had read about a crucifix where Christ had one hand crucified and the other was held down in a beckoning manner. We actually found it today in Furelos just before Melide. It is a striking crucifix and we tried to determine what it could mean.
We are in a bit of a dive again and did not need to walk fast to get here. They serve dinner at 8:30, which is too late. There are several pulperias near by where they serve octopus whenever you want. Not sure we will do that!
Jeff, enjoying the camino!
The beginning of the eucalyptus forests.
The crucifix in the church in Furelos.


  1. Hello dear Pilgrims! So good to read that you had a good walking day today Chris! And now, just 3 more to go......can you believe it? You've all done amazingly well, and we are truly in awe! We were wondering yesterday, if you would be sorry to reach the end of the Trail, because the pictures always show such happy faces, and the camaraderie seemed palpable from here :) We wonder if there'll be "re-entry" issues, too, after this simple life you've lived for (almost) six weeks, and the beauty of so much of the Camino trail.....Joe and I have certainly enjoyed the vicarious life, looking in on you and the others each day, and will miss this enjoyable start to our days :)
    We are sitting at the brunch table here in our Pacific Sands overlooking the blue Pacific with the white surf foaming in, often carrying a surfer for our entertainment! Tomorrow Joe is taking me out for a fancy dinner at the new Wickaninish Inn for our 48th anniversary. The weather is fantastic so far, and we are loving this time away, after some fairly busy months. We send our love, and wish you a good night's rest and a good walking day tomorrow! J & J

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  3. Driving to and from Seattle we were newly impressed by the 800 km walk you are doing. That's from our place to Seattle and back TWO times!! Incredible distance to do on foot esp. on some of the challenging terrain you've had sometimes. But what an amazing experience! We've been enriched just following you along. We wish you well on the remaining 3 days on the Camino as you encounter various trials, joys, sites, smells and sounds. May beauty, interest and peace outweigh any negatives. You're almost there. Way to go !! G&R